Monday, April 27, 2009

Casio G-Shock

I am into Casio G-Shock in a big way. In fact I have a lot of G-Shock and these watches were collected in a matter of months. (Reviews of these watches will be coming up soon) There are a number of great sites that I frequent to get news on the latest release and also the Casio G-Shock Wiki. Below are the links to these great site and hope you will find them useful as I did. In the Wiki site, you can find other links to other great site that will introduce you to the world of G-Shock (and at the same time cause a hole in your wallet).


  1. G-Shock... I am baffled by the amount of technology put into those. And I've got a sweet spot for their design too. Don't miss that's the blog of a serious collector!

  2. Guillaume,

    Welcome to the blog. Yes, is indeed a serious collector. His site is a very valuable site to see new and vintage G-Shocks.