Monday, April 27, 2009


A bit about myself. I have been collecting watches for sometime now. I think I began when I still in school, playing with Citizen Ana-digi watches and Casio G-Shocks (how I wish I have kept them). My collection now consist of Swiss and Japanese made watches. I am only now starting to collect German made watches. I have digital watches, analogue watches, automatic, hand wound, battery and solar powered watches.

At present I am looking into and trying to learn about military watches, both pilot and naval watches.

So the question is why Horology crazy? Well, I love watches. I have books on watches. I am currently studying basic watch making and watch repair. I replace the batteries in my watches by myself. I have basic watchmaking tools, and am even contemplating getting a demag and a timing machine. I have watch magazines in languages I don't even understand. So, I must be watch crazy.

Anyway, enjoy you stay here, as I will be bringing reviews of not only watches, but also books, tools and whatever else horology related.

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