Tuesday, February 02, 2010

My CWC military watch

One of the reason I like collecting watches is the feeling you get when you find that piece that you like and finally getting it. Sometimes you are lucky and you hit jackpot and sometimes you are not so lucky. Well I just found out that one of my military watches is not 100% kosher.

The watch is my CWC W10 mechanical watch. Evidently everything on the watch is correct save the case. The case is from a Hamilton. It is normal to find this happening, especially when the watch maker is not sure of the significance of the serial number and issue number of military watches. However as luck would have it, I managed to find a CWC case. With help from a friend, we managed to secure one from the popular auction site. I hope to pick up the case from him later this month.

Since I have to change the case of the watch, I decided to have the movement serviced and regulated. The movement is signed CWC and is basically an ETA 2750. You can see the movement in the series of photographs below.

The dial side. The hour wheel is in the trench at the 5 o'clock position.

I have to say that the finish of the movement is rather nice. You can see the ETA logo just below the balance.

It is signed 'CWC'. It has a 'honey comb' design on the bridge.

You can see that it has the 2 piece stem as this movement is access from the top.

No mistaken it as ETA 2750.

The parts enjoying a spa treatment.

A closer view.


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