Monday, May 03, 2010

Casio GA-110F-2

Suddenly I feel like watching Austin Powers. Why? Well Casio is launching the very very colourful GA-110F-2 Hyper colour watch and a very colourful character to come with the watch, the Hyper colour G-Man. It is all very psychedelic, very much Austin Powers don't you think? The colours are very rich.

The watch and the G-Man.

Photograph: Casio

It seems that every part of the watch is rendered in a different colour. I understand that it is a limited edition run for Japan, but we will wait and see. I believe the watch is fitted with the Module 5146 and feature the following functions:

World time: 48 cities in 29 time zones

I have to say that I like the standard GA-110B-1A2 which has black body with blue dial or GA-110B-1A3 with green dial, but the GA-110F-2 is a different watch all together. The watch is expected to retail at around USD 210.


  1. still available in taiwan? where can i get one?

  2. Hi Not97,

    Welcome to the blog. Sad to say that this one sold out long time ago in Taiwan. Try on line stores or sales forum.

    All the best with the hunt.



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