Thursday, May 06, 2010

Rosendahl Watch V

As reported earlier, there are a number of Scandinavian brands here in Taiwan. One of the more interesting watches in the offering is Rosendahl Watch V. This watch (or brand) is the brainchild of Flemming Bo Hansen. He is famous for the fact that his watches have a permanent place at MOMA, the Museum of Modern Art in New York. How cool is that.

Anyway back to Watch V. This watch is unique in that the design aspect of the watch is based on the Golden Ratio. Yes, the Golden Ratio, the 1.618 that was made popular in the book about the code of Vinci. Did you know that other names for the Golden Ratio was a boring and unromantic Extreme and Mean Ratio? But I digress...

With the Golden Ratio in mind, what this means in Watch V is that the sides of the case are equally distributed with a constant addition of 1.618.

What I like about the watch is the simplicity, a minimalist approach. As with other watches designed by Flemming Bo Hansen, the Watch V, part of the Watch collection, displays time. However Watch V features the date display as well as the time, a change from other watches in the Watch series. It also offers the following functionality, stopwatch, countdown alarm (timer) and alarm. And as with previous watches, all the functions are controlled via two buttons.

The other reason I like the watch is the broad ellipsoid shoulders. It gives it a robust bold look. It also looks good as it 'merges' with the rubber strap.

Basic specifications:

Case: steel, 30 X 48 mm
Crystal: mineral
Movement: Rosendahl IC-03
Water Resistant: 5 ATM

The watch itself it polished and brushed steel with a choice of 7 different coloured rubber straps. The watch retails for about Euro 200.

The watch.

Photographs: Rosendahl

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