Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Patina (Week 11)

Back in Taiwan and the weather has gone bonkers. Hot one day and cold the next, with the temperature fluctuating between 10 to 24 degrees (Celsius) between days. What impact does this have on the watch? Lots. Just look at the photographs. Not only has the watch darken, but it has taken on a greenish hue. I like....

The darker case, with more and more spots developing. 

Spots between the bezel and the case.

The reddish tint on the bezel is almost gone.

More spots between the lugs.

Just love the way the patina is developing.

The case taking on a greenish hue.

The patina on the lugs. Looks very worn out.


  1. Hi, I have not visited your blog for quite a while....

    this is superb....keep us posted please....

  2. Hi TIMEasitis,

    Welcome to the blog. Thank you for the kind words.

    Best regards,