Sunday, November 23, 2014

A rose by any other name...

I picked this up recently and what an interesting brochure...

Yes, it is the Tudor brochure. It is more then a just a brochure. It is over 200 pages thick and lots to read and learn.

Interactive brochure. You will need to download the Tudor app to fully appreciate the brochure. 

Very cool indeed. Very happy that it is in English. :)

The contents... Covers most if not all the models in the Tudor's offering.

A bit of history...

I love the simple timeline charting Tudor's history...

1926 "The Tudor" brand was registered by the "Veuve de Philippe Huther" company on behalf of Hans Wilsdorf

1936 Hans Wilsdorf acquired "The Tudor" brand and registered it in his own name

1946 Montres TUDOR SA was created on 6 March Geneva

1947 Launch of the TUDOR Oyster model

1948 First advertisements exclusively devoted to TUDOR

1952 Launch of the TUDOR Oyster Price line

1954 Launch of the TUDOR Oyster Prince Submariner, certain versions of which would be produced for the US Navy in the 1960s and for the Marine national franchise (French Navy) from the 1960s to the 1980s

1957 Launch of the TUDOR Advisor model

1970 Launch of the TUDOR Oysterdate Chronograph

1971 Launch of the TUDOR Oysterdate Chronograph, nicknamed "Montecarlo"

1976 Launch of the brand's first self-winding chronograph, the TUDOR Prince Oysterdate

1998 Launch of the TUDOR Prince Date Chronograph

2007 TUDOR brand relaunch process began internationally

2009 Launch of the TUDOR Glamour and TUDOR Grantour lines

2009-2011 Collaboration with Porsche Motorsport as "Timing Partner"

2010 Launch of the TUDOR Heritage Chrono and TUDOR Glamour Double Date models

2011 Launch of the TUDOR Heritage Advisor and TUDOR Fastrider Chronograph models. Launch of the new TUDOR Grantour line and introduction of a Fly-Back Chronograph. Launch of the TUDOR Clair de Rose line. Launch of the "Watch your Style" campaign

2011 Beginning of collaboration with Ducati as "Timing Partner"

2012 Launch of the TUDOR Heritage Black Bay and TUDOR Pelagos divers' models

2013 Beginning of collaboration with FIA World Endurance Championships (WEC) as "Timing Partner"

2013 Launch of the TUDOR Heritage Chrono Blue, TUDOR Fastrider Black Shield and TUDOR Glamour Date 26mm models

2014 Beginning of collaboration with the International Motor Sports Association (IMSA) as "Entitlement Partner" of what will now be known as the TUDOR United SportsCar Championship

2014 Launch of the TUDOR Heritage Ranger, a new version of the TUDOR Heritage Black Bay and the launch of the TUDOR Style line

And what is coming. 

Part of the interactive pages. I don't have the application, but I suspect this will bring you the video showing how the straps are made. 

The TUDOR Heritage Ranger...

The TUDOR Black Bay models..

Movement specifications... interesting use of words.... :)

The TUDOR Fastrider Black Shield. There is a section that covers how the ceramic case is made (in-house).

The TUDOR Style line...

Looks nice..

The TUDOR Clair de Rose line..

The TUDOR Glamour line...

If you want to learn more about TUDOR, get this brochure. 

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