Sunday, February 17, 2019

Fortis Colour battery change

I was on holiday when the battery on both the watches I brought with me died. Luckly I was on holiday in Malaysia and headed to my favorite watch shop to have the batteries changed. It is Hings in Bangsar Shopping Center.

The Fortis Colour.

Actually after a close look at the watch, had the battery died at home, I would most likely send it to a watch maker to have the battery changed. Why?

I don't have the proper tools to do at home. You need to remove the module from the interchangeable black body. And from the pictures, I can't really find the gap to put the blade to remove the case back. 

The other reason is that I also do not have the proper tool to close the case back. With the module removed, the crystal does stick out a tad. Not having the right tool could damage the crystal.

So what is inside?

The module or movement. Yes it is a quartz watch. it uses an SR626 (377) type battery. 

The movement is a Miyota 2115 basic 3 hand movement offering the date complication. 

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