Wednesday, February 27, 2019

FTS Fine Time Solutions

It is indeed interesting to find out about this company, FTS USA or Fine Time Solutions. They are a movement manufacturer out of the United States of America. From their website...

FTS USA is the only commercial source for quartz watch movements made in the United States. FTS dedicates space for assembly, testing, and manufacturing within the 69,000 square foot East Valley Institute of Technology’s Fountain Hills Business Accelerator campus.

Our team of certified technicians create and test our Ameriquartz movements under the watchful eye of one of the most respected certified master watchmakers in North America, Mr. Manuel J. Yazijian. He is a CMW21 watchmaker and the former president of the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute (AWCI).

FTS works in partnership with Titan Company Ltd (a TATA Group Company), the 5th largest watch company in the world. They deliver perfection and cutting-edge technology to FTS USA.

The trademark Ameriquartz speaks volumes. Each quartz movement is accurately made of metal components and jeweled to the highest industry standards at our facility by local American technicians. Most importantly, the movements are fully serviceable and spare parts are always available.

Ameriquartz offers a wide range of sizes. The collection is comprised of movements small enough to fit a petite ladies watch and movements large enough for the most robust sports designs. The Ameriquartz line offers a variety of displays that will fit any designer’s vision including a multitude of calendars, moon phases, world time, and more.

FTS USA operates at the highest standards of quality control to integrate, assemble, and test both domestic and foreign components into finished movements. Our logistics and inventory management ensure that FTS USA will be your solution for every aspect of the watchmaking experience.

So far I see that they have 16 quartz movement and they range from a simple 3 hands movement to those offering the following complications: date, day, moon phase and even world time.

A sample of their movements:

Caliber 7129 with moon phase complication.

Caliber 7299 with world time complication.

Caliber 70200 with sweep seconds at 6 o'clock.

Photographs: FTS

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