Wednesday, July 24, 2019

What I do late at night.....

It was late at night and I could not sleep. So what did I do? 


Yeah another battery change...

Getting batteries late a night was not a problem as there is a 7-11 just around the corner from where I stay. And the best part about Casio G-Shock is that they tend to use batteries that are pretty common and easily available.

Remove the end pieces... I remember my last battery change. :)

The 4 screws to be removed.

Screws removed.

The movement exposed. Note the gasket and rubber spacer on the case back. 

Unlatch the locking retainer. 

New battery in. 

Transfer the gasket and rubber spacer from the case back to the movement side. This is ensure the gasket and spacer sits in the right place. And don't forget to lubricate the gasket.

And don't forget to reset the module before closing up the case back.

All done.

I don't have the original blue strap for the watch and it is currently mounted on a blue/ gray NATO strap. I will need to check with my local Casio Service Center if they have the original straps.

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