Friday, July 26, 2019

Bezel replacement...

Remember this post?

Well, I got the replacement bezel. Not the same but I guess it will do...

My DW-6600 minus the bezel...

The parts, screws to hold the bezel and strap spring bars.

The replacement bezel. It cost me NTD650.

The replacement bezel. 

The straps. 

The replacement bezel.

The module ready for the bezel. Remember to clean the module before you install the bezel.

Installing is easy. Just slide the bezel onto the module. I suggest you start with the side with the two protruding buttons, ie the right side. 

It is easier to slide the left side as this side has only one button that sticks out, the adjust button does not stick out as much. 

Bezel installed. 

Check that all the buttons work properly before you install the screws.

Install the screws. Do not over tighten the screws. You do not want to damage the module. 

All done and time to install the straps. 

Happy I am. 

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