Thursday, May 09, 2019

What started out as a battery change...

One of the joys (?) of having quartz watches is changing the batteries, not that I am complaining. Well this started out as an exercise in changing batteries but somehow ended up being something different...

This post is picture heavy..

My DW-5200 aka The Hero. It is said this watch saved the Casio G-shock from going under.

I just love Casio G-Shock with solid screw down case backs. Wish Casio would release more watches with such case backs. 

Out with the case back removal tool. 

Ready for the operation. Why two batteries? Read on...

A bit of Rodico to help unscrew and also to screw the case back. 

The battery exposed. The battery is held in place by the bar and also the rubber spacer. 

Remove the rubber spacer to expose the locking bar.

A closer view...

Unlatch the bar and the battery can be removed. 

The new battery ready to be installed. 

All done. As usual, check the battery works before closing up and don't forget to lubricate the o-ring. 

All done...

This is the reason for the second battery. This is my very old Casio DW-6600. I like this watch a lot. 

What started out as a battery replacement.... ended up with the rubber bezel crumbling. This is a common problem with Casio G-Shock watches, sadly. 

It started with the lower half of the bezel giving way.

It then progressed to the entire bezel.

Sigh... Well a visit to the local Casio Service Center is in the works. The sad thing is that even though I can get the replacement bezel, it will not be the same bezel as the original, with the Orange legend at the 12 o'clock position. 

Additionally, I know the straps will give way one day and yes the replacement strap is available, but it will not have the legends on the strap. Oh well.....

Cleaned the body of the watch...

Now to change the battery. Remove the 4 screws holding the case back in place.

The battery exposed. 

The new battery.

The inside of the case back. Note the rubber spacer and the 'white' speaker.

New battery installed and all is good. Now off to the service center....

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