Saturday, May 25, 2019

more battery change and a bit...

Yeah more battery change, this time it is a mass battery change. But with a little bit more...

Again this is not a step by step guide...

On we go... Oh, this is photograph heavy post...

4 pieces of battery. Fortunately its all the same type of batteries for the 'same' type of watch. 

The first watch. The case back removal tool doing its job. All the watches that needs a battery change is all ready to have their battery changed.

Second and third watch ready.

The forth watch also ready. All the watches have a snap back case back.

Lets start with the first watch...

The case back. It is from an ICE Watch. Made in China. 

The second watch case back. It has traces of some sort of sticker. Time to remove it and have the case back cleaned.

All done. 

The sticker inside the case back of watch number 3 and 4. I am guessing it is the reference of the watch model?

The battery all ready. 

The movement with the battery removed. 

Closer view of the Miyota movement. I guess this could be either the Miyota 2025 or 2035 standard movement. 

New battery inserted.

The spacer cum battery holder in and check the watch works before you close the case back. 

Case back installed. One down.... :)

Time to adjust the watch. Ice-watch Tron Limited Edition.

I disconnect the bracelet at the clasp so that we can have good access to the watch. 

Second watch and the process is repeated.

I was going to adjust the time when I notice something on the inside of the crystal. 

Closer view of the debris. Sigh... Time to remove the case back and get the debris out. 

Remove the winding stem to remove the dial and movement from the watch.

The debris on the inside of the crystal.

The watch dial. I have to say it is a very nice dial. :)

Debris remove. It was a simple job. Just use a blower to remove the debris. 

Dial and movement back into the watch.

Crown back in.

Checking the case back is clean before installing it.

All done for the second time.:)

On to the last watch. This time, a bit more careful and check everything was OK before closing up. 

As usual, check everything is OK before closing up and don't forget to lubricate the gaskets.

All done, the four ICE Watch. 

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