Thursday, May 09, 2019

Seiko Monster update...

Well, it looks like Seiko has done it again. The new Seiko Monsters that is expected to be released this month, on the 24th to be accurate, will have a different reference for Japan. 

This is the Seiko SRPD25K. It will be known as SBDY033.

This is the Seiko SRPD27K. It will be known as SBDY035.

Photographs: Seiko Japan

This is the Seiko SRPD29K. It will be known as SBDY037.

The prices:

SBDY033 52,000 yen
SBDY035 56,000 yen
SBDY037 62,000 yen

It seems the watches are available for pre-booking, but my understanding is that the SBDY037 is already sold out. 

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