Wednesday, May 01, 2019

MTM Special Ops RAD watch....

I have seen many things installed or added to a watch like torchlight, but this is a first for me. 

The MTM Special Ops RAD is a tactical watch for men that measures harmful ionizing radiation through a Geiger-Müller tube. It is a geiger counter watch that measures single-dose gamma ray levels, as well as cumulative exposure over time. The ultra-sensitive radiation detector within the watch measures and tracks dose equivalents of Gamma Radiation – from 0.0001 to 9999 millisieverts (mSv), and the dose equivalent rate of up to 4000 microsieverts per hour (μSv/h). Users can preset their maximum radiation threshold, up to 9999 mSv, and an alarm will sound when the level has been reached. Radiation levels are displayed graphically and can also be shown on the digital display, which can be switched between dose equivalent rate, accumulated dose, and the time. The time is shown via tritium illuminated analog hour, minute and second hands. The digital display is EL backlit. The MTM RAD is water resistant up to 330 feet and powered by a lithium battery. The watch case is solid titanium with a brushed stainless steel finish. The MTM RAD is a unique technical instrument with a limited edition total of 1500 pieces. The RAD watch is a must have for all radiological technologists, technicians, and professionals and for those familiar with radiology terminology and its implications.

The RAD is also supplied with an IR Adapter and flash drive software, which enables data transfer from an MTM RAD watch to your computer. (Not compatible with Mac computers and Windows 10).

Photographs: MTM Watches

The watch comes in at 46mm diameter titanium case and is rated to 10ATM. There are 3 version of the watch and prices starts from USD1,500.

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