Monday, April 29, 2019

Breitling Aerospace battery change..

Remember this post...

Well, the owner decided to ask me to change the battery and it was pretty late at night when the request came... That also explains the quality of the photographs. :)

The new battery provided by the owner. The correct battery is the 399 but the 395 is a suitable alternate.

The back of the battery.

The watch in question, the Breitling Aerospace.

Out with the case back opening tool. 

Everything on the table, ready for the operation. :)

The first task is to locate the slot to insert the blade of the case back opening tool. 

You can see the slot...

Disconnect the bracelet so that you have the space to work on the watch.

The blade...

The case back. You can see that the information on what battery to use is engraved on the inside of the case back. The white spot is the 'speaker'. Also note the gasket on the case back.

The movement. ETA E10351 7 jewels movement. Please note that the movement in this Breitling has been replaced with the upgraded SQ movement.

The old battery is a Sony.

Closer view of the movement. 

Information on what battery to be used is also on the movement. 

Clean the area around the back of the case and don't forget to lubricate the gasket. Also check the watch is working before you close the case back.

Out with the manual to adjust the watch. Be aware that it is not an easy task to readjust the settings. Great that the watch has a long battery life. 

All done. 

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