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On July 20, 1969, the Apollo 11 spacecraft successfully landed on the moon and Neil Armstrong took “one small step for man” and “one giant leap for mankind.” Fifty years later, Swiss watchmaker RJ pays tribute to the Apollo 11 astronauts who first walked on the lunar surface with a new DNA concept tribute timepiece. The RJ ARRAW 6919 is made with authentic material sourced from the original Apollo 11 spacecraft and featuring a patented Moon movement. From the moon to the wrist, the RJ ARRAW will inspire wonder for anyone who is fascinated by science, mechanics, and the vast universe of space.

Each RJ ARRAW 6919 watch comes with an authenticity certificate by the Association of Space Explorers. The spacecraft material is encased within a super light, high-performance acrylic composite, created specifically for the ARRAW 6919, which forms the timepiece’s bezel. Marco Tedeschi, CEO and Creative Director, looked to the Apollo 11 command module for design inspiration, creating a metal grid that would fasten the acrylic composite bezel to the case securely without covering the historic spacecraft DNA it preserves and displays.

At 12 o’clock, the patented RJ Moon Phase mechanism displays a three-dimensional moon rotating 360° during a complete cycle of 29.5 days. The hour and minute indications at the center of the movement also indicate the location of the earth. All settings (time, moon indication, and date) are manipulated via the crown. The date set at 3 o'clock can be read with +4/–4 when the moon is between the gibbous moon and the first crescent.

The ARRAW 6919 is available in three different materials: polished and satin-brushed grade 5 titanium, ceramic and 5N+ red gold, and each variation offers water-resistance up to 100 meters or 330 feet. Each colorway is limited to only 100 pieces.

Photographs: RJ Watches

The ARRAW 6919 is equipped with a waterproof polyamide strap engraved with linear designs that recall the pattern made in the powdery lunar surface by Armstrong’s space suit when he first stepped onto the moon. The rugged ARRAW strap system is also interchangeable and allows the strap to be released with a simple ‘click’ by pushing simultaneously on the two lug screws. The clasp and deployment buckle are just as easily removed with the push of a lever, no tools required.

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About RJ:

RJ designs, produces and constructs high-end Swiss watches. Our iconic core collection, RJ ARRAW, is distinguishable by its highly recognizable RJ Bumpers. RJ Collaboration watches are inspired by the most famous comic superheroes like Batman and Spider-Man, or the most iconic video games like Super Mario, Space Invaders or Pac-Man. Inspiration for our RJ DNA concept watches comes from the deepest oceans to the depths of space, bringing materials that have made history to your wrist, be it the steel from the Titanic or genuine moon dust.

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