Saturday, April 20, 2019

Yes, its another unboxing...

This time its the MKII Hawkinge. The watch is a homage to the IWC and JLC Mk watches. In fact the watch is a mix of the design of the IWC and JLC Mk watches. 

The watch comes well packaged and protected. 

The usual MKII Pelican type box. 

 MKII logo and website address at the side of the box. 

Documents that comes with the watch. The certificate of guarantee and timing chart. 

Inside the box, you find the watch. It comes with extra slots to carry other watches if you need to carry other watches. How cool is that. It also comes with a couple more things. But  more about that later. 

Closer view of the watch. The front crystal is protected by a piece of blue plastic. Not the best but it works. 

The watch comes with extra spring bars, 3 sets actually and the tool to remove the straps. Not something you see in many micro brands or for that matter from more established brands. A nice touch no?

The back of the watch. The leather strap is Made in Germany. 

I do like the design of the watch. But then I have always been partial to the design of the Mk Pilots watches. 

On the wrist. :)

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