Friday, April 19, 2019

Strap change...

This is something I have not done for sometime, in fact something I may not be doing for the foreseeable future. Well not since I no longer play with Panerai watches. :(

Anyway changing strap for a friend who has lost some weight and need to swap strap because the current strap, is loose as the gaps between adjustment holes are too big. So it is either too loose or too tight. 

The watch with the Gunny 74 strap. It is an awesome strap and ages very well. 

The underside of the strap. Indeed a well made strap. 

The Gunny signature, disappearing. 

Not sure what this is, but could be an internal coding of some sort. 

The 'new' strap. Notice the gaps between the holes are closer. 

Also a very well made strap. The strap ages very well. 

It is the Heroic18 strap. I like the strap. 

The buckle is also signed. Nice touch.

The strap is not new. :)

You will need to get the correct size screwdriver to remove and install the screws. Make sure the width of the blade is not too narrow or wide.

Closer view of the blade. 

The screws removed. 

Don't forget to remove the tubes as well. And don't forget to transfer the tubes to the new straps. 

The watch after it has been cleaned. 

Screws and tubes ready for the new strap. 

The owner have a lots of straps to choose from. Yes, these use to be mine. 

The tubes going into the new strap.

Tighten the screws and you are done. Make sure you don't cross thread or strip the screws. Take your rime when doing this.

All done and the owner is happy. 

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