Monday, May 13, 2019

Battery change Precista W10...

Time to change the battery on my Precista W10 watch. The last time I changed the battery was in 2014.

My Precista 6BB from 1984. 

We will need to remove the grey NATO strap. But first we will need to prepare for the battery change.

The coin is to open the battery access cover so that we can change the battery.

Remove the NATO strap. It is best to completely remove the strap. 

The case back. You can see the battery cover at the 12 o'clock position.

Insert the coin and turn anti-clockwise to open.

The battery access cover.

The under side of the cover. You will need to be careful not to lose the spacer on the inside of the cover. If you lose this, the watch will not work.

Battery ready to be removed. Do not use metal tweezers to remove the battery. You do not want to short out the motherboard.

The new battery. I have not seen this battery before. It is made by Seiko. It is the SR927SW battery. 

The old battery, removed.

Clean and inspect before installing the new battery. You can just make out the module reference inside the access hole. The movement is the ETA/ ESA 555.115 or 955.112.

New battery in. As usual, check the watch is working before closing the cover. Do not forget to lubricate the gaskets. 

All done. :)

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