Saturday, May 04, 2019

Strap change, Cartier Ballon Bleu..

I have to say upfront that this is not the easiest strap change that I have done. It is the looping of the leather straps on the buckle that took a lot of time....

Please note this post is picture heavy..

This is my wife's Cartier Ballon Bleu. It comes fitted with  a  black alligator leather strap. She wanted the strap changed to a white alligator leather strap. 

The buckle, the cause of much 'pain' on my rather fat fingers...

The straps are held by the standard spring bars to the case. 

The new straps, white alligator leather straps. The width of the strap is 18mm and tapers down to 16mm. Both ends are 110 mm long. 

The straps are made in Austria. You can see the part number on the strap. The straps are very well made. 

Removing the original alligator strap begins...

Carefully unloop the strap from the buckle. Most important is to remember how the strap loops around the buckle. 

Remove the strap from the case. This is easy. :)

Transfer the spring bar to the new strap.

Attach the strap to the case. 

Remove the strap on the other side. 

Comparing the original and the new straps. Original is Swiss Made while the new one is Made in Austria. 

Attach the straps to the case. Check it is properly secured.

All done. 

These are the view of how the straps loop around the buckle. It folds back on itself. Careful not to damage the sides of the straps when looping it into the buckle. The fit is tight.

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