Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Tudor collection

I am actually blogging from my new house. The shift has been a long drawn process, with issues with both houses. The new landlord is very particular and wants the house to be perfect and the weather is not helping the shift as well. Anyway, it progresses.

Back to watches. I do like the watches from Tudor (and Rolex) and have accumulated a small collection, if you consider 4 pieces a collection. Each watch in the collection has a story behind it. So here is my small Tudor watch collection, starting from the smallest to the largest.

The Prince Date, reference 74000. The watch comes in at 34mm. I got this watch pre-loved. The reason I got the watch is because it looks like the Tudor Ranger. I would love to get the Tudor Ranger but it is not an easy watch to find (and not forgetting it is minefield when it comes to the Ranger). I got it  at a price and the best part about it is that it is complete with box and papers.

The Tudor Prince Date Day, reference 76200. This one comes in at 36mm. I got this watch pre-loved as well. I had one before but traded it in for a Panerai. The watch is almost brand new and I got this very cheap (almost half price). The watch is dated this year (it is that new). I love the California dial and this is the other option since the Italian version is very very expensive. 

The Tudor Submariner, reference 7016/0. This watch is 40mm. I had another Tudor Submariner in the 9411/0. I prefer my watches without the cyclops so I sold it. It has gone to a good home. It took a long time for me to get this watch. The owner was reluctant to sell the watch and it took me almost 2 months to persuade him. Add 1 month it spent in RSC for serial number verification, it took me 3 months to get the watch. It was worth it. It is currently on a leather strap which I think matches the patina on the hands and dial. 

Finally the Tudor Heritage Chronograph, reference M70330N. This watch is 43mm in diameter, the largest in the collection. There was no intention to get this watch. We were on holiday when I was offered this watch. The selling point was the price. It was very low (for a new piece and from the AD). I suspect it is because of the black dial. Most people prefer the gray dial version as it is the one in the advertisement. Additionally, it is not common knowledge that the black dial was also issued at the same time as the gray version but in smaller number. I think that it is happening again. 

I am very happy with the collection and it will stay this way for a long, long time. The only addition I would consider is if a M.N. Tudor Submariner was offered to me. That also is depending on the price. 

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