Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Solvil ET Titus

I have a watch from Solvil ET Titus. I don't know much about the watch and a search in the Internet did not reveal much, in fact nothing at all. Anyway I like the watch and will be sending the watch to my friendly neighbourhood watch guy for a service and cleanup. Perhaps I will use it as my daily beater. It is a basic 3 hand watch with day and date complication.

The watch.

I had a look inside the watch and this is what I found out. The watch is powered by an ETA 2066 automatic 3 Hz (21,600 Ah) 17 jewel movement. The rotor is signed Solvis ET Titus. 

The movement. 

The movement holder is metal. That is a nice touch. 

The gasket, long overdue. :)

The watch needs a good cleaning as well. Lots of grime and DNA.

Even the crown (and winding stem) needs a good cleaning and service.

The case and dial. I like the 2 level dial. Looks like a TV screen.

We will see what my watch guy can do. 


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