Friday, April 13, 2012


I finally got around to getting some spring bars for my Invicta watch. The Invicta Corduba watch is one of my favourite watch and I got it during the days when that French brand was the rage (and still is) and I could not afford one, not that this watch is a poor substitute. It is a great watch and offers great value for money. 

Anyway I use the watch to test out straps, more so in recent time as I have started a 'collection' of B&R straps. So you can say that this is my Strap Test dummy watch. :)

The Invicta reference 3965, currently fitted with a vintage WWII strap from Combat straps.

The strap being tested on the Invicta after spending some time on the B&R.

When normal transmission starts next week, there will be a couple of strap reviews. 

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