Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Recently I was back in Malaysia for a holiday and got myself a couple of straps. These are 'locally' made leather straps but branded as made somewhere else (well, at least that is my understanding). Anyway, I like the straps and these were sized at 22mm. I wanted to fit the Longines Legend Diver and the Marathon JSAR with leather straps, hence the 22mm size.

The LLD with a local tropical rubber type strap.

The leather straps. Apologies for the poor quality of the photographs. :(

I like them. Looks tough but actually rather soft.

The strap change is simple. Use the right tool.

The leather strap mounted on the watch. I like it.

Looks good. Matches the brown dial of the LLD.

The black leather strap for the Marathon.

The Marathon on a rubber strap with blue stitching. Not very matching....

Strap mounted. Looks good, yes?

I got the longer version of the strap. 

And here is a note to one self and others reading this. Next time, when buying a strap, bring the watch to test fit. Failure to do so may cause problems like this....

See it?

Yes, the lugs are rubbing or over lapping the thread at the side of the straps. :(

Argggg. Oh well.... wait for the threads to break and I have an excuse to learn strap making or at least strap stitching....

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