Tuesday, November 27, 2012

This time it is the TAG Heuer that needs a battery change. It is from the discontinued 1500 Series and it is a ladies model.

The watch with a dead battery.

The new battery. Would love to use a Swiss made battery but sadly my watch guy, out of stock. :(

Out with the tools, tweezers, both metal and plastic, some Rodico, case back opening tool and strap change tool.

First disconnect the bracelet at the clasp. This makes it easier to change the battery as you will have better access. You don't have to remove the bracelet.

The case back.

The case back removed. I use some Rodico to clean the insides and the sides of the case back.

The movement with the dead battery. The battery is held in place by a 'washer/ spacer' thing. The bent parts rest against the case back and thus preventing the battery from dropping out.

Don't forget to lubricate the gasket. You can see the gasket is pretty dry.

After a short spa treatment. All lubricated.

The washer/ spacer thing. Don't lose this.

The old battery. Remember to use the plastic tweezers to remove the battery. You do not want to short out the PCB of the movement.

The movement ready to receive the new battery. Use some Rodico to clean the contacts and surrounding areas. Or you can use a blower.

The new battery.

The battery in the movement.

Don't forget to check and make sure the watch is working before you close the case back. Do a simple flip to check. But be careful to ensure nothing falls out of the movement. This is especially true when you are changing batteries on watches (quartz) with alarm or sound.

Put back the washer/ spacer thing.

The gasket is next. Be careful you do not rub the gasket against the movement and leave a trail of lubricant. If you do, use the Rodico to clean it up.

Close the case back and you are done. Here is a neat trick. You can use the Rodico to 'hold' the case back and align it to the case and screw it back in. You don't have to struggle to hold the case back while trying to screw it back in. This is especially true when working on small watches.

All done.

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