Friday, February 28, 2014

Armatix Firearm Smart System

What an interesting way to use a watch. Introducing the Armatix Firearm Smart System. The system pairs an .22 calibre iP1 pistol with the iW1 RFID watch so that only the person wearing the watch can fire the pistol. The pistol will automatically deactivate when it loses contact with the watch. How cool is that...

The iW1 watch basically arms the pistol for firing. It also have the following functions: 

  • PIN code entry and PIN code management for weapon enablement
  • Charge level indicator for both the watch and weapon
  • Time-controlled weapon deactivation
  • Extensive watch functions
  • Power supply for 5,000 rounds or a minimum of one year standby

For more information:

The watch...

The pistol.

Photographs: Armatix

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