Monday, February 03, 2014

Something blue, something fast.....

As usual when I am back in Malaysia, I visit my usual haunts.....

Spotted these....

The BR01-92 Blue Radar. This is one cool watch. The Blue Radar is part of a collection Bell and Ross released circa 2011 for its Asia Boutique, Singapore, Indonesia and China. Each region represented by a primary colour, Red for Singapore, Green for Indonesia and Blue for China. 

The Blue Radar is part of the watches (3 off, Radar, Compass and Airborne) released for China and it is the only collection that is released in a limited run of 100 each model. The rest, Red and Green are limited run of only 50 pieces. 

I like the watch and it was very difficult for me to say no to buying the watch. It is very nice indeed. Very unique. Oh, before I forget, all the watches in the three collection are all left-handed.

Closer view of the dial. Interesting to note that while the spec states that the markers (in this case, the hands) are not luminous, it does look luminous to me. The dot is the seconds, the line the minutes and the triangle shows the hours. 

There are markers on the crystal to help in telling the time. Cool. 

The other watch I had my hands on was the BR126 Blackbird. The watch is a limited run of 500 pieces and is a tribute to the SR-71 Blackbird spy plane. The SR-71 is the fastest and highest flying plane ever built. Luckily Bell and Ross decided to make 500 pieces instead of 32 as that was the number of SR-71 made. 

I love the PVD Black case and the high-visibility orange accents against the matte-black dial. The configuration of the watch reminds me of the much loved and sadly missed Lemania 5100 with the central minute chronograph hand. Added bonus? The flyback complication. Thank you Dubois Depraz. 

There is lots of watch for the price. Functions includes time telling, chronograph with fly-back, date complication, day/night indicator (register at 9 o'clock) for those who works in place with long days or nights and a Tachymeter. All these in a case that is water resistant to 10 ATM. Nice. 

Thanks to Hings Watch in BSC for the watches. 

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