Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Food Exploring, Sagun

I am indeed a happy camper. Found a dessert that I use to have when I was a child, a long time ago (when dinosaurs ruled the Earth). It is called Sagun and it is popular among the Malays and the Peranakan (Straits Born Chinese). I can't even remember when I last had this dessert. 

The Sagun or Sesagun or Sagun Sagun as it known.

It is basically grated coconut toasted or dry fried. It is then mixed with dry fried rice flour (option mixed with glutinous rice flour) and dry fried with sugar. The mix is then blended. 

The Sagun on a spoon. 

Closer view. 

I am indeed happy. I could finish the entire bottle in one sitting. 

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