Sunday, February 22, 2015

Taking a break...

Taking a break from the daily grind, having a cuppa....

Since I am having hot chocolate, I don't get a biscotto. I guess the replacement is a tad hard.... :)

Anyhow, as I am sipping my chocolate, I was perusing this.... Which decided to follow me home. 

ISBN: 978-0-7892-1143-9
Stefan Muser
Peter Braun
Michael Ph. Horlbeck

Classic Wristwatches 2014-2015 The Price Guide for Vintage Watch Collectors. And no, I am not getting into vintage watches. I lack the necessary knowledge (and moolah)...

The index. Not bad in terms of brand coverage. Makes an interesting reference.

Some of the content...

There is a brief about the brands before they list the prices of the watches. To be honest? There are mistakes.... :(

Would I recommend the book? Yes, as at USD35, it makes an acceptable reference guide. 

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