Saturday, May 06, 2017

Bracelet adjustment

Helping out on a bracelet adjustment....

The Seiko Turtle SRPB11J1 aka Blue Lagoon. A very nice watch. 

Out with the tools. Have not done this for some time.... :)

This is NOT a step by step guide. First is to disconnect the bracelet. 

Store the pin properly. Careful not lose it. 

The arrow indicator on the inside or back of the bracelet. It shows the direction to punch out the locking pins. 

Position the bracelet on the bracelet adjustment block.

Punch out the locking pin. 

The locking pin and the locking collar. Don't lose these. 

You can position the bracelet near the edge of the block if the watch gets in the way. Careful to protect the watch when you are doing this. Don't want to scratch the watch. The other option is to remove the bracelet. But this makes the trying out and adjust a tad difficult. :)

And we are done. 

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