Friday, October 02, 2009

The 1st. Movement

Well just a small update on the first movement. The power reserve for the first movement is a respectable 55 hours. I am indeed impressed. Basically I let the movement run in a number of position with the last 20 hours in the movement case. I will let it run out again, after which I will mark the ratchet wheel to count the number of turn to fully wind the movement.

The second movement has been running for 42 hours now and it is still ticking away. I am also happy with the movement. So far so good.

I will be working on a third Chinese movement soon. This is a working movement and I will be doing some modification to this movement. Basically I will install a new 4th. wheel with a shorter pin. This is to do away with the sub-second hand.

Once I am more confident and familiar with the movement, I will do the same modification on an actual ETA/ Unitas 64XX movement.

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