Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Equipment (OT)

Recently I posted that I have some new equipment to help me with photographing the watches, movements and what ever else I blog about. The new equipment comes on the form of white lights, light box and a new camera. I still have my old 'professional' light box, but I now have a small one to allow me to take close-up shots.

The lights that I got is from Panasonic. I bought 3 of these for the house. I got 2 for the children so that they can read before going to sleep. However, when I need to do some photography. I will use one of them. The other I got for my work table. However that got 'high jack' by my children as one of them prefer blue and not pink.

The lights are from the 'Hello Kitty' series produced by Panasonic. There are two lights on the series, the pink 'Hello Kitty' and the blue 'Bad Badtz Maru'. Somehow I ended up with the pink 'Hello Kitty'. The light is supplied by a twin Natural White tube. It is flicker free and the I like the spread of the light. It is 'soft.

Now for the new light box. Actually is it a white plastic storage box. It is cheap, simple and it works. I had the wheels removed as the wheels are black and would stand out in the back ground.

Remove the cover and put it under the light. Put what ever you want to photograph in the box and it is all done. As can be seen in the photograph below, the light is diffused and the spread is even. If I need to shoot bigger objects, I will use 2 of these lights with the 'professional' light box.

The new camera is a Sony DCS-T900. I like this camera as it allows for vert close macro photography. All the photographs of the movements that I posted in recent blog entries were shot with the Sony and in the light box. The following photographs are of the Sony in the light box, taken by the Leica.

I figure the pictures are not too bad. I like it.

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