Sunday, October 04, 2009

My first strap modification

I got this extra strap sometime ago with one of my purchases off WUS. The original strap is a one piece strap. The original owner had the strap trim-down. As such the strap is a bit too short for me. I initially wanted to make a new strap from the hardware that came with the strap, so I had the hardware removed. After much thought, I decided that I will turn it into a two piece strap.

This is the buckle end. Hardware has been removed.

So the first step is to cut the strap and heat seal the ends to prevent frying. I divided the strap into 70 mm and 120 mm. The was sufficient length to have the ends stitched to fit the spring-bars. Now all I need is to find a tailor to stitched up the strap and I am all done. Stay tuned for the end product.

This is the other end. You can see that the strap has been trimmed down. I will re-cut the ends.

The stainless steel hardware.

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