Friday, June 18, 2010

DW-6900A Vice Eyes Battery Change

One of the joys of having quartz watches is the battery change. It gives (to me anyway) a reason to open and look at the guts of the watch. This time it is the turn of the DW-6900A-2DR. This watch is part of the Vice Eye series. It is powered by the Module 1289, thus having the CR2016 battery.

The battery change is pretty much straight forward as with other Casio G-Shocks. However, on the DW-6900, we have to be careful as the strap ends actually sits on the edge of the case back. The correct way is to remove the straps and remove the case back. We can get away with 'pushing' the straps away from the case back. There are two precautions when doing this. The first is not the 'push' the straps too far back so that you don't damage the straps. The second and most important is that when you are sliding the case back from the case, careful not to dislodge the spring contact (you will see the spring later).

As you can see from the photograph below, the edges of the straps sits on the case back.

Remove the 4 screws from the edge of the case back. Carefully remove the screws and slide the case back off the case. You need to lift the case back a bit as it sits inside the lip (black) at the edge of the case.

The case back removed. You will note that sometimes the gasket (o-ring) follows the case back. Make sure you check before you place the case back on the table so that you don't damage the gasket. Don't forget to lubricate the gasket before you put it back on the case (not case back).

The circular (darker) piece is where the spring contacts to generate the alarm and chime sound.

You can now see the battery and note the spring contact. Remove the rubber spacer from the module.

The rubber spacer. You can clean it if you want. Don't forget the orientation of the rubber spacer. The 'nipples' faces the case back.

With the rubber spacer removed, you can now see the module and the battery.

Unlatch the battery holder and remove the battery. I use a plastic tweezers for this. Just slide the battery out.

The battery removed.

The reverse process. Slide the battery into the battery holder. Careful when you slide the battery in as you do not want to damage the lower contacts. If you feel some resistance to the battery sliding in, it may due to the edge of the battery getting caught to the lower contact. Check and position the battery such that the edge of the battery is over the lower contact.

Don't forget to reset the module. I just use a metal tweezers and a screwdriver. The tweezers to the reset and the metal screwdriver touching the tweezers and the 'AC' point. A closer view of the spring contact.

The rest is just the opposite of the above process.


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  2. I just don't understand the last step, to reset the moduel? What does that mean?

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