Thursday, June 17, 2010

Omega X-33 Strap

After looking at pictures of astronauts wearing their Omega X-33 with the Coramide Kevlar strap, I decided to look into getting one for myself. So a visit to the Omega boutique was in order. I went there a couple of days ago and found out that they did carry and had stock of the strap. They only had the one for the pin buckle and not for the deployment buckle. So I asked if they could bring it in for me.

Got a call from them on Monday and was informed that the strap was in the boutique. Went there today and had a look. I have to say that I was surprised with the strap, more so its lightness. The part number of the strap is 98000006. This is for the standard length. There is another for larger wrist, part number being 98000006L.

The strap did not come with a buckle, so I had to order one. Omega did not have any in stock and was informed that it will take about 2 months to get it in. Actually I do not know what is the original buckle for the strap, so I went with the recommendation on the Ofrei's website. Buckle part number 9451-1803. I had my friendly neighbourhood watchmaker fit a generic buckle (temporary).

I like the chequered design of the strap. This, I believe, criss-cross ply orientation of the kevlar material. Anyway, the strap has 2 ridges along the length of the strap. The width at the lug attachment is 20 mm and tapers down to 18 mm at the buckle. It measures 115 mm on the hole side and 75 mm on the buckle side.

The inside of the strap is rubber lined. I stand corrected on this. The inside of the strap is marked as follows; both straps are signed. The buckle side has the the size of the strap, 20 and 'IAD' stamped on the inside. On the other side, we find the strap part number and the number 52. I have no idea what the number signifies.

I find the strap very light and very supple. It is very comfortable and when worn with the X-33, you tend to forget that you are wearing a watch. Yes, it is that light and comfortable. It is well made and the finish is good. The slots for the spring bars are well formed as is the end fittings. I like the strap so much, that I am considering getting another for the Seamaster.

The strap comes with two strap keepers, one fixed and another floating. As can be seen in the photographs, the finish is nice.

The strap on the X-33. I like that there is no gap between the strap and the watch case.


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