Thursday, June 10, 2010

Watch Shopping in Taipei (sort of...)

I was asked where do I get my watches here in Taiwan. Well, most of the watches I get from my 'local' Formosa Watch shop. It is part of the Formosa Group that runs a number of watch shops throughout Taiwan. They are pretty good and can source any (most) watches and brands.

Other places that I look and use as my benchmark for pricing and what is available are listed below. Please note that I do not recommend one over another. All of the shops below have on-line sites, some with English support and some with prices and some without. As usual, buy the seller and not the product, stands. Please do your homework and know what you want to buy.

Most of the shops below sells pre-loved and some sells new watches. The list:

Wang Yung Chang Clock & Watch. Mr. Wang, the owner is well know figure in the watch industry here in Taiwan. They have a large collection of pre-loved watches.

TTWatches. Small set-up but I do know that they have an International clientele.

Finetime Taiwan. They do not list the prices of their products. You have to email them.

GSM Watch. They are small but sometimes have very unique pieces like the Omega NASA Special Edition box set of 23 Speedmaster.

Watch 3+1. They sell new watches and can get very unique Casio G-Shock pieces.

Good Watch. They are not a big outfit but sometimes have very interesting pieces at interesting prices.

GS Watches. A good source of vintage and hard to get Casio, Seiko and Citizen watches.

Old Watch Club. This 'shop' is operated by 2 WIS like us and they do get some very interesting watches, more so military pieces.

Of course I also use Ruten and Yahoo Auction to locate and find out what are the going prices for watches which I am interested in.


  1. Thanks for the info, I'll be sure to check them out when I visit!

  2. Hi 18KSub,

    Welcome to the blog. Do check them out when you are here in Taiwan.

    Best regards,


  3. Hello Ivan, here another cycling lover and watch passionated.

    I would like to buy a relevant watch for in Taipei, my question to you is if they are trustful and serious sellers? Can I buy without any worries? Any tip to do so? Is there any problem in sending the piece to Europe???

    Thanks son much for your advice on that.

    1. Hi Ricardo,

      Welcome to the blog. With regards to your question, I have only seen the shop. No experience with them. Apologies.

      All the best with the hunt.

      Best regards,


  4. Thanks for the info. Very helpful. I will be visiting Taipei soon and may go to Watchart. They have a piece which I am interested. Just wondering if the prices are negotiable? Thanks.

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