Thursday, July 29, 2010

GM-100D Battery change

While getting my Casio G-Shock Tough Solar watches out for its monthly charge, I noticed that one of my non Tough Solar watch had a blank display. It is the GM-100D-9 watch. I like this watch as instead of having the normal 'beep, beep' sound for alarm, it has music. Anyway, the blank display of the watch.

The other reason I like the watch is it has a nylon strap instead of the normal resin/ rubber strap. You will need to remove the strap before you can remove the case back to gain access to the battery (or so I thought).

Remove the strap from the buckle. Note the cool gold satin on the other side of the strap.

I took these photographs to act as a guide for me (just in case) on how to re-route the strap into the buckle.

The buckle.

Now you can see the case back. The watch case back is unique as there are holes on the case back. This hole is to allow the sound to 'come out' as the sound is amplified on a second metal piece. You will see this later. I believe this is one of the few Casio G-Shocks that have this type of case back.

You can now remove the four screws. Note the holes.

The screws removed.

The other side of the case back. Note the water stains on the inside of the case back. Don't worry, water will not get into the watch as there is another pieces to prevent the water from getting into the watch.

See the other pieces. This piece is made of rubber. It is held in place by the outer case back. Kind of remind me of another watch I have.

 The other side of the rubber piece is a metal plate. This plate is the contact for the alarm.

Note the two springs. These springs contacts with the metal plate and you have sound.

Hey, where is the battery? What is this metal plate? I don't really know. It is about 1 mm thick. The springs go through the holes of the metal plates.

Wow, still no battery? Yet another rubber piece. Now that is a lot of pieces to remove just to get to the battery.

Finally, the battery. This is where everything is standard G-Shock. Unlock the battery cover.

Remove the battery and put in a new one.

Close the battery hatch and don't forget to reset the watch before replacing everything. This is very important on this watch as there are many pieces to remove if you forget to reset the watch.

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