Friday, July 30, 2010


This is a pretty cool watch winder. It is the KUNSTWINDER watch winder. They are introducing their Industrial Collection with the Limited Edition Oil Baron watch winder. Why Oil Baron? Well just look at the winder and you can see why. 

The winder design replicates the mechanical movement of the famous horse head liquid pump used for pumping crude oil. Every time I see it, it reminds me of the TV Series Dallas. Oppsss showing my age. The winder is the product of a group of Professional Engineers who are trying to break into the watch winder market. And what a way to do it. 

As I mentioned earlier, the winder is a limited edition winder. As such, each winder is individually crafted and numbered. The winder can wind two watches and offers the following specifications:

1. Alternate winding, 30 minutes clockwise rotation, 4 hour rest, 30 minutes counter clockwise rotation, 4 hour rest.
2. 900 revolutions every 24 hours.
3. Continuous rotation.
4. Universal VAC adaptor

The winder also comes with felt-lined drawers for storing watches and accessories. The winder is not small. It measures 8.35 inches in height and 8.24 in diameter. The winder is expected to retail for about USD 3,600. 

A video showing how the winder works.

For more information:

The winder.

It is a very nice looking winder.

Another view.

It comes in a beautiful box.

Photograph: Kunstwinder


  1. This winder is also distributed in Europe by They also have other beutiful and unique watchwinders.

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