Thursday, September 16, 2010

My new desk clock

Got my new desk clock today. OK, what is so exciting about a desk clock. Stay with me on this. It is not a big clock but I like it. The basic specifications:

Functions: hours, minutes and seconds (what no calendar function, no alarm.....)
Case: stainless steel, 60 mm diameter, 20 mm thick
Crystal: I have no idea.....
Water resistance: its a desk clock, what water resistance?

Anyway, it is a mechanical clock, powered by a hand wind movement. I was told that at full wind, it will run for about 2 days. 

Here is the desk clock....

Yes it is a homage watch. It is a homage to the Panerai Egiziano. Comes with a working locking lever and bezel (well somewhat working...). I will write a review of the watch soon.

The Egiziano was a watch issued to the Egyptian Navy in the 1950's. It is actually a Radiomir. Only about 50 pieces were made. Panerai reissued this watch this year as a Special Edition watch.

The dial. 

The watch on my desktop. It is a hulk of a watch (bad pun) so I placed it with my favourite superhero (perhaps the new Rolex Green Submariner would be a better choice).

Another close-up. It is a big watch. Even with my 8 inch wrist, it is too big. So, now it functions as my new desk clock.


  1. what brand is it? where can o buy it?

  2. Hi SIR_Pierre,

    Welcome to the blog. The desk clock is a homage watch. Drop me an email.

    Best regards,


  3. Where did you get the hulk from

  4. Hi Stuart,

    Welcome to the blog. The Hulk? You can get it at most toyshops that carry the POP collection of figurines. Hope that helps.

    Best regards,


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