Friday, September 10, 2010

A reminder, Bond Enthusiasts Weekend

Don't forget that this weekend, well from today is the Bond Enthusiasts Weekend. For those who are attending, will have the pleasure of looking at the complete collection of eight James Bond Seiko wristwatch. Currently seven are on display and on Sept 10, a Seiko duo-display diver will be added to complete the display. The watch, reference SPW001 diving watch is similar to the one Roger Moore wore as 007 in the movie 'A View to a Kill'. 

Photograph: Dell Deaton

In addition to that, Ian Fleming's personal watch (Rolex 1016 Explorer) will be wound, set to the proper time and will be ticking during over the weekend. 

Photograph: Dell Deaton

The Bond Enthusiasts Weekend will be held at the National Watch & Clock Museum, September 10 and 11. The exhibition concept is to create a cold war feel, consistent with when Bond was most active.

The exhibition.

Photograph: NWACC

For those who wants to see what the exhibition is like, you can view a video of the exhibition here:

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