Sunday, September 05, 2010

Next watch project...

I am looking into my next watch project. Not very sure what to do but looking seriously into doing a homage to the Rolex 5517. This is the milsub (military submariner?) version of the popular Submariner. It is different in that it has sword hands and not the normal Mercedes hands. 

I am still toying with the idea. I have found a source (locally) for the case, hands (not very correct), dial (not sterile, at least it is not Rolex) and movement. This time the movement is the Miyota 82XX. So that sorts of limits the hands and dial choice for me as most on-line places that have parts to make this watch are based on ETA 28XX or Seiko 7SXX movement. So we will see how this one goes.

The watch, Rolex 5517 milsub.


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