Saturday, April 02, 2011

Pieces of the jigsaw puzzle...

Finally the end. My collection is complete. The final two piece  of the jigsaw puzzle is in.

As you may be aware (or not), my favourite brand is Panerai and I have always wanted to get a special/ limited edition watch to complete my Panerai collection. However, ever rising prices and limited availability has prevented me from getting one. Anyway all this ended with this.  I was at the boutique when this arrived and it was not ‘assigned’ to any one.

PAM00367, Luminor Marina Special Edition China.

Well I wish it had the 'pig' on the dial but I am happy with it this way. With the SLC. I do like the ‘faux patina’.

And with the Incursore.

The other watch I was looking for was a chrono with a tri-compax design. Friends (or enablers) have tried to 'seduce' me with the PAM00072 and other Panerai with the Tri-compax dial design. I have resisted. I finally decided that the Speedmaster would be the best choice. The question was which one, the Alaska Project, the 50th Anniversary model, the new one with the meteorite dial? Were there other choices?

After careful consideration, I ended up with this, at a great price, NIB.

The beautiful font of the Arabic hour index markers.

The date complication at the 6 o'clock position.

The case band fluting.

The signed crown.

The brushed bezel.

The Breguet Type XX Transatlantique reference 3820.

So, I have finally come full circle and have completed my collection. Will there be additions to the collection? I doubt so, unless it is one that I truly want and if it is reasonable priced. I suspect the opposite will be true. I will be selling off some pieces to streamline the collection.

The same applies with my wife with her recent acquisition, the Cartier Tank Francaise Automatic.

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