Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rolex BLACK LTD Edition watches

It seems that modifying Rolex watches is the current rage. The Rolex BLACK LTD Edition project is one of the latest to join the foray. The difference between this project and the rest is that the watches in the BLACK LTD Edition collection are watches produced by Rolex before 1990. 

These carefully chosen selection of sport watches are sent to a select Rolex service experts in Switzerland who will service the watches, regulate them, bead blast the case and subsequently send the watches to the United States where a PVD coating is applied to the watches.

The watches selected for this project are from the popular Rolex range of sport watches and includes vintage Explorer, Explorer II, Submariner (ND), GMT Master, GMT Master II and the Sea-Dweller. The watches are limited to 50 pieces each. 

The watches.

The Explorer.

The Explorer II.

The GMT Master II.

The GMT Master.

The Sea-Dweller.

The Submariner.


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