Wednesday, September 07, 2011

OT A visit to Wotancraft

Decided to pay the guys at Wotancraft a visit. Nope, not for more straps for the watch but a strap for the Fuji X-100. Here are a couple photographs of the place, all taken with the Fuji.

This is the table that James uses to create his straps. 

OK, this is a watch blog, so here are the photographs of the straps.....

Tempted to pick up a few. Vintage Ammo straps.

The guys sorting out the straps. Hint, hint, some are new and will be released soon. 

I picked up a Gordy Wrist strap (two in fact). One of them is the one in the photograph above, the one with the blue threads.

The Fuji as is. Almost perfect. Fuji half case, filter adapter and lens hood. B+W Digital Pro UV Filter and Gordy's wrist strap with the wrist pad. Now waiting for a camera case from Wotancraft. They are designing one. 

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