Saturday, September 03, 2011

Tudor 94110 Snowflake

This is my Tudor 94110 Snowflake. It is one of my favourite watch in my collection. It was in a bad condition, but the former owner had it refurbish by TSC (Tudor Service Center) , but he did not want the full service. He had the hands, bezel insert and crystal replaced. Sadly the service hands and bezel insert has the Luminova as the luminous material. This made that watch 'unbalanced' as the dial is original and has developed some patina but the hands are white. 

The watch. Notice the white Luminova service hands against the original dial which is begining to develop some patina. 

The search was on to look for either a service dial with the Luminova luminous markers or to look for some old Tritium hands. I have the old hands, but it is not complete as the sweep seconds hand was damaged beyond salvage. The tritium on the hour hand has dropped off. 

The old hands.

Getting a service dial was unsuccessful as Tudor no longer makes the dial. The local TSC tried their best but could not get any. So the next option was to look for some old Tritium hands. As luck would have it, some hands appeared but the seller wanted to sell the hands in total, which was a couple of sets. I only need one set. So the hunt continued.

Suddenly the seller (this is months later) decided that he will sell individual sets. I jumped on the opportunity and contacted the seller. Yes, he is wiling to break up the set and sell individual set. We transacted and the hands are on the way. I can't wait for the hands to arrive and swap out the Luminova hands to these NOS Tritium hands. And no, I will not be doing it. I don't want to risk damaging the hands, so I will let my friendly neighbourhood watch guy do it. I will update this once it is done. 

The incoming hands.

You can read about the Tudor here:

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