Monday, August 16, 2010

Tudor 94110

Remember my Tudor 94110 Snowflake? Well I got a picture of the watch before it had its service. Let me tell you that the watch has had a hard life and it has had its fair share of beatings. For those who are squeamish, please do not look. 

The watch before it was serviced.

A hard life indeed. But it does testify to the robust nature and design of the watch. So the items that were replaced:

The crown
The stem tube
New spring bars
New crystal
The winding rotor (due corrosion)
The 'rehaut', the metal piece between the crystal and the dial
The hack mechanism (balance stop lever)
The balance pivot
The minute wheel
The pallet lever
The barrel (yes the barrel and the spring inside)
The barrel bridge
The hands
The bezel insert

The watch now. 

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