Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hamilton Time Player

This is a new novelty from Hamilton. The Time Player is a very unique watch, not the fact that it can tell the time in 4 timezones, but the fact that the individual timezones can move about in the watch. Just have a look at the watch below. The does remind me of the sliding puzzle I had when I was a child.

It is pretty cool. To move the individual timezone, you have to remove the 'H' piece on the upper left and the rest of the pieces can move about the longitude or latitude. The orange counter is for the local time and is colour coded to the 'HAMILTON' counter. The green counter is for New York, the red, for Tokyo and lastly yellow for Dubai. 

To set the time, you will have to move the counter (which you want to set) to the center of the watch. You can use any of the 4 crown to adjust the time. Once it is set, you can set the time for the other counters (by placing it in the center). The center piece, look at the photograph below, has a lever in the center to facilitate removal of the piece.

Look at the set of photographs below and you can see how the individual counter move about the watch.

A closer view of the central piece.

Photographs: Hamilton

I think it is a cool watch. However the fact that the other timezones are fixed, is a bit of a bummer. The watch is big coming in at 48 by 42 mm. It is good that the case is made of titanium, for stainless steel would render the watch pretty heavy.

The basic specifications:

Functions: hours and minutes, 4 timezone
Case: titanium, 48 x 42 mm
Movement: quartz E 01.701
Crystal: sapphire
Water resistant: 5 ATM

The watch is a limited edition watch and is available exclusively at Hamilton Labs. For more information:

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