Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tudor Snowflake hands replacement

I thought I had posted this but evidently I have not. So here it goes.

This is my Tudor Submariner reference 94110, aka Snowflake. I like the watch but one of the things that gets to me is the service hands and bezel insert. Why? Well, it is Luminova and it does not match the rest of the watch (not to say that it has lots of Patina in the first place). 

The watch.

The reason the hands were replaced. The tritium has broken off from the hands. 

So one of things I was looking for is a set of replacement hands and bezel insert for the watch (with Tritium). As chance would have it, I managed to track down a set. 

The replacement hands (original). Off to my friendly neighbourhood watch guy. 

The case back removed.

Inside the case back. You can see that the model is 9411, last service date and the serial number matches the serial number on the case.

The case.

The new type crown tube with the rubber gasket on the tube. 

The back of the watch case. The watch is in good condition, not much corrosion or erosion. 

The dial with the hands removed. The condition of the dial is not so great. You can see pitting, uneven patina and some paint loss at the edges. 

The watch disassembled. You can see the service hands (removed). 

The watch ready for assembly. The new (old) hands. You can see the uneven patina on the dial.

The service hands being stored.

The watch assembled. My watch guy lubricated all the gaskets and checked that everything is ok.

You can see that my Snowflake is powered by an ETA 2783 instead of the ETA 2784. RSC/ TSC confirmed that for my serial number, the movement is correct for the watch.

The watch all done. Water resistant checked done (well to 6 ATM anyway). I have to say that it looks better now that it has the tritium hands. At least it matches the dial. Now the hunt begins for the bezel insert. 

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  1. Dear Ivan

    Great job on replacing the hands. Have you managed to find an insert?

    Contact me