Thursday, July 26, 2012

Battery change

Yet another battery change. This time it is my Casio Data Bank calculator watch, reference DBC-V50.

The watch. Note the blank screen.

Tools out, blower, screw driver, plastic tweezers (for the battery) and metal tweezers. Oh yes, work place mat.

The case back is held by 4 screws. You can see holes on the case back. This is for the sound.

Unscrew the case back screws. As usual, I hold down the case back when loosening the screws (in criss-crossed manner) so that the screws are not under pressure from the case back.

The case back removed.You can see the module and the battery holder. Pay attention to any warning stickers on the module. Also do not flip over the watch to remove the case back. You may cause some springs or screws to drop out from the module.

The case back. You can see the piezoelectric speaker attached to the case back. You can also see the old (melted) gasket around the edge of the case back.

Note the reset warning. This watch requires you to perform the AC twice, one for the timepiece and the other for the voice circuits. 

The battery holder latch mechanism is at the 9 o'clock position.

Insert the plain end of your screw driver (make sure it is thin and fits the small slot) or use the tip of your tweezers to unlock the locking tab of the battery holder.

The battery holder is unlock. Slide out the battery, use your plastic tweezers. You do not want to short-out your module.

The old battery.

Use your blower and gently blow out any lint or dust that may have gone into the battery slot. 

You can see the AC reset hole at the 1 o'clock position. 

The new battery. The watch uses a CR2016 battery.

The new battery is in the module. Press down the holder and it will lock itself. Make sure you reset the module and check that everything is working before you close the base back. Do not flip the watch over to check, just lift it up and look. You do not want to lose the spring (at the 8 o'clock position) that connects the module to the case back speaker.

The rest is the opposite. Don't forget to lubricate the gasket.

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